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We're here to help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and various trade professionals reveal their true brand online using our popular digital products and we love to help boost your confidence with our motivational, everyday lifestyle merchandise.

Arnelle F. Jennings

Founder & CEO

Fun Facts:

- Arnelle F. Jennings is the Owner of AFJ Creative Media, LLC since April 14, 2019. On Janurary 1st, 2021 we became also known as "The AFJ Empire," a pseudonym for AFJ Creative Media, LLC.

- AFJ Creative Media, LLC owns several brands: The AFJ Shop, AFJ Empress Store, Made4YCards, Modern Chic Branding, Simply Chritmas Co. XL, Arnelle F. Jennings Co., Create My Wedding, and lastly Mind Over Money Lab!

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- AFJ Creative Media, LLC was created by a 23-year-old female millennial who started to build her empire from the comfort of her home. 

7 Online Stores

8 Unique Brands

1 Virtual Commerical Office

1 Home Office 

Partnered with more than 32+ Fulfillment Centers Around the World 

Over 900+ Products 

1 Amazing Mascot, Arnelle 

Hello, my name is Arnelle F. Jennings. I have been a graphic designer since I was eighteen years old. Five years later, I became the proud owner of (1) "The AFJ Shop," on Etsy. The AFJ Shop was created in mid-April of 2019 to create all types of digital designs for boss babes, coaches, beauty consultants, small business owners, trade professionals, and several others using social media. I named the shop after myself since I designed all the digital products for 'The AFJ Shop.' 


The more I created, the more I learned about my niche and turned 'The AFJ Shop' into the 'Home of Modern Chic Branding' by supplying vast digital social media flyer templates. I am inspired by modern art and chic-style fashion which created the term "Modern Chic Branding." Most of all, I enjoy helping people grow their own brand by using our digital modern chic products. Whereas, I created a collection called, "Mind Over Money" which is 7-step process for making extra income online. It's made especially for coaches and consultants to use these resources to gain more clients and customers for their online business too. I plan on reinventing this collection to have its own store on Etsy, called "Mind Over Money Lab." (8)


On December 12, 2020, I decided to create a separate shop on Etsy and named it (2) 'Modern Chic Branding' to sell physical product lines such as journals, mugs, calendars, posters, pillows, and even for your pets too! 'Modern Chic Branding' is a shop full of inspirational items for boss babes and entrepreneurs who are working on building their business from home. However, we officially lauched on December 21, 2020.


A couple days later, on December 14, 2020,  I created a Christmas shop called, (3) "Simply Christmas Co. XL," on Etsy. An extra-large store to make the perfect gifts for family and friends for every special holiday. I wanted to have a store for everyone to remember and even celebrate Christmas all year long. 


Then, I opened another Etsy shop on December 16, 2020 called, (4) "Made4YCards," a place to shop for a variety of cards for your business and special occasions. I wanted to provide an alternate way for people to receive cards physically instead of only digitally. You will find many greeting cards, postcards, business cards, gift vouchers, stickers, posters, and much more in the store! This shop's main goal is to sell cards to business owners, co-workers, family, and friends.


Interestingly enough, on December 16, 2020, I reclaimed an abandoned Etsy store I created early in 2020 known as the (5) "AFJ Empress Store." I always wanted a small online boutique store, but I did not know how to start selling clothing and accessories on the Etsy platform. When I found out how to do this, I made my dreams a reality by creating several physical clothing items for the whole family including men, women, plus sizes, kids, and etc. 


On March 23, 2021, I created a shop on Zazzle called, (7) "Create My Wedding" which is a shop tailored for brides and grooms getting married to help create their wedding during this pandemic. I believe your wedding deserves to be unique, so I decided to use Zazzle because they are known for their customers being able to customize their physical products right from their platform to your liking. 


Last but not least, (6) "Arnelle F. Jennings Co.," is coming soon! We're working on making this brand a legal entity by the end of 2022. It's a great finanical opportunity to learn how to become wealthy by learning how to earn capital gains income among the Stock Market, Foreign Exchange Market, and the Cyptrocurrency Market to potentially grow and diversify your investor portfolio. 


Where We Are Headed


We look forward to keeping up our innovation process of our company by intergrating on more competitive platforms such as Amazon, Wish, and Walmart. Our goal is to continue updating our company website with all of our NEW listings and producing more unique products that you'll love. We hope to grow 'The AFJ Empire' up to 2,000 products by the beginning of 2022. 


Thanks for supporting our brands and being are most valuable customers.


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Arnelle F. Jennings

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